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Ice Hockey highlight by Yundian Jing (Ivy)

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Cheerleading Squad     (Directed, filmed, edited by Yundian Jing)

The freshman international cheerleader Yushi Zhang talks about disputing her substantial college time commitment to cheerleading.

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Pittsburgh Thunderbird Frisbee Team

Filmed and edited by Yundian Jing (Ivy)

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Basketball Highlight by Yundian Jing (Ivy)

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An Interview with Photographer John Romualdi    (Directed, filmed, edited by Yundian Jing)

In this interview, John talks about the scenery and things that impressed him in his book <Who Are the Grateful Dead and Why Are They Following Me>. The micro world under his lens is artistic and exquisite.

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February 2019  (Producer/Cinematographer/Editor/Gaffer/VFX)

Self-realization and parenting have trapped this man into dilemmas. He made a desperate attempt for his passion.

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The Seventh Color  (Gaffer)

A young man dealing with a car accident on his way back home.

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